In the ENT department, diagnostics, prevention, conservative and surgical treatment of diseases of the ear, throat and nose are carried out. The ENT doctor's office is equipped with a modern and universal ENT combine "Heinemann" (Germany).


Ear examination:

x • audiometry

• otoscopy

• ear endoscopy

• examination of the patency of the auditory tube

• tuning fork

Examination of the nose and sinuses:

• endoscopy of the nose

• rhinoscopy

• transillumination

• X-ray of sinuses

Examination of the pharynx and larynx

• laryngoscopy

• endoscopy of the larynx


Removal of foreign body from ENT organs

• Cauterization (medication) of the mucous membrane of the ENT organs

• Catheterization of the auditory tube

• Blowing ears over the Police

• Meatotympanic injection

• Removing sulfur plugs

• Rinsing the nose according to Proyets

• Puncture of the maxillary sinus

• Intranasal blockade

• Washing tonsils with medicinal substances

• Throat injections

The clinic performs minimally invasive surgical interventions:

• Septoplasty

• Vasotomy

• Removal of adenoids

• Removal of polyps

• Polysinusotomy



Mirazizov Ravshan Kuchkarovich

Otorhinolaryngologist, candidate of medical sciences.


Nasretdinova Gulzhakhon Amonovna

otorhinolaryngologist, highest category



City and local phone number: +998 71 236-18-47

Telephone number of otorhinolaryngologist (Nasredinova Guljaxon Amanovna): +998 93 380-22-12