Department of Gynecology

1) Endometrioid ovarian cyst: in this case, the indication for surgery will be its size - 3.0 cm in diameter. An important point of this operation is not only the removal of the cyst, but the removal of all endometrioid foci and infiltrates outside the ovaries.

2) Pelvic pain that worsens or appears during menstruation and requires pain relief. This symptom can also be the cause of endometriosis.

3) Infertility: Endometriosis is one of the factors of infertility. Removal of tissues affected by endometriosis increases the reproductive capacity of the patient.

Also, in making a decision not in favor of the operation, the following criteria can serve:

1) the older reproductive age of the patient (over 35 years old);

2) the state of the ovarian reserve (AMH level);

3) the quantity and quality of previous surgical treatment for endometriosis;

4) the presence of a male factor of infertility or an absolute female factor of infertility

Well, in conclusion:
The chance of relapse depends on the quality of the first operation. That is why we strive to operate on our patients with the utmost care, so that such an operation would be the only one in their life.


Hysteroscopy is performed using special instrumentation, which is introduced through the hysteroscopy of the uterus - this is both a diagnostic and a therapeutic procedure that allows you to examine the uterine cavity from the inside and, if necessary, perform various therapeutic manipulations, for example, remove foreign bodies, polyps, etc. Hystegalische.

Indications for performing hysteroscopy of the uterus

Infertility of unknown etiology.
Habitual miscarriage.
Polyps of the uterus and cervical canal.
Foreign bodies in the uterine cavity, such as intrauterine contraceptives.
Endometrial pathology - Hyperplasia, synechia.
Suspected uterine malformations.
Metrorrhagias are extracyclic uterine bleeding.
Postmenopausal bleeding.

Currently, there is a tendency towards refusal to carry out invasive techniques purely for the purpose of examination, since this is somehow associated with certain risks, and the necessary information can often be obtained by safer methods. The same applies to diagnostic Hysteroscopy. The procedure is prescribed only if it is impossible to establish a diagnosis with other non-invasive techniques.



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