Department of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy (Greek physis nature and therapy - treatment) - a section of clinical medicine; studies the mechanism of action of natural (sunlight, air, water, therapeutic mud) and artificial physical factors (electricity, magnetic field, artificial light sources, ultrasound, etc.) and develops methods of their treatment and prevention.

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Qad. Eastern countries, especially Greece and Cad. In Rome, natural factors were used for healing (especially the sun and mineral water). By the 18th century, with the development of physics and the discovery of electricity, F. appeared, mainly electrotherapy. Later, physical factors such as galvanic current (galvanization, electrophoresis), asymmetric alternating current (franklinization), high-frequency current (darsonvalization, diathermy) were discovered and began to be used in medical practice..



Amarmetova Umida Bakhtiyarovna

Head of Department


Rustamova Kholida Shukhratullaevna




City and local phone number: +998 71 233-73-89

Phone number of the head of the department (Amarmetova Umida Bakhtiyarovna): +998 93 534-35-70